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Nevada Fire Patches

Nevada was the 36th state in the USA; it became a state on October 31, 1864. - State Capital is Carson City. - Nickname is Silver State, Sagebrush State. - Nevada's official flag was adopted on March 26, 1929, but was revised on June 8, 1991. The flag has a deep blue background. It pictures a yellow, flowing ribbon that reads "BATTLE BORN." A five-pointed silver star and the words NEVADA are under the ribbon. These are surrounded by green sagebrush with yellow flowers. Sagebrush is Nevada's state flower. The silver star represents the rich mineral wealth of Nevada, especially the famous Comstock lode (discovered in 1859), which is one of the largest silver and gold mines ever found. The words "Battle Born" on Nevada's flag allude to fact that Nevada bacame a state during the Civil War.