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South Carolina Police Patches

South Carolina was the 8th state in the USA;
- it became a state on May 23, 1788.
- State Capital is Columbia.
- Nickname is Palmetto State.

Oregon's official state flag was adopted in 1925.
- It is the only US state flag that still has a design on both sides.
- Both sides of the flag have a deep blue background and yellow designs.
- The reverse of the flag pictures a beaver (Oregon's state animal).
- The state flag of South Carolina was officially adopted in 1861.
- It has a white crescent and a white palmetto tree on a blue ground.
- Three white crescents (on a blue background) were first used on a South Carolina banner protesting the Stamp Act in 1765. In 1775,

Colonel William Moultrie designed a banner for South Carolina troops;
- it had a white crescent on a blue field.
- When South Carolina seceded from the Union, the palmetto tree was added to the flag.- - The palmetto tree was chosen because this tree had helped South Carolinians defeat the British in a battle at Sullivan's Island (during the Revolutionary War).
- The South Carolinians built a fort out of palmetto wood, and when the British fired cannonballs at the fort, instead of knocking the fort down, the soft palmetto wood just absorbed the cannonballs.