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Wisconsin Police Patches

Wisconsin was the 30th state in the USA

- it became a state on May 29,1848.
- state capital is Madison.
- nickname is Badger State.
- state tree is the Sugar Maple.
- state animal is the Badger.

Wisconsin's official state flag was adopted in 1913.
- The flag has a deep blue background. White letters spell out "WISCONSIN" and "1848," the year Wisconsin became a state.
- A sailor with rope and a miner with an axe surround a yellow shield in the center of the flag.
- The shield depicts an arm and hammer, a plow, a pick and shovel, and an anchor
- These represent Wisconsin's main industries: manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and shipping.
- In the center of the shield is a blue ring with the words "E PLURIBUS UNUM" (which is the motto of the U.S.A. and means "Out of Many, One" , this refers to the states of the United States being united into one country).
- Inside the ring is a smaller shield with a blue top and red and white stripes on the bottom.

Wisconsin is a midwestern U.S. state with coastlines on 2 Great Lakes (Michigan and Superior) and an interior of forests and farms.
Milwaukee, the largest city, is known for the Milwaukee Public Museum, with its numerous re-created international villages, and the Harley-Davidson Museum, displaying classic motorcycles.
Several beer companies are based in Milwaukee, and many offer brewery tours.