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West Virginia Police Patches

West Virginia was the 35th state in the USA
- it became a state on June 20, 1863.
- state capital is Charleston.
- nickname is Mountain State.
- state tree is the Sugar Maple.
- state animal is the Black Bear.

Wisconsin's official state flag was adopted in 1905.
- a white field is bordered in dark blue.
- displays a rock containing the date June 20, 1863, the day West Virginia became a state.
- the two men represent farming and mining.

West Virginia is an eastern U.S. state in the tree-covered Appalachian Mountains.
The town of Harpers Ferry, where the Shenandoah River meets the Potomac River, is the site of a famous Civil War–era raid.
Surrounded by a national historical park, the town looks as it did in the 19th century, with many of the buildings open to the public as living-history museums.

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