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Virginia Police Patches

Virginia was the 10th state in the USA.
- it became a state on June 25, 1788.
- state capital is Richmond.
- nickname is Old Dominion.
- state tree is the Flowering Dogwood.
- state animal is the Big-Eared Bat.

Virginia's official state flag was adopted in 1861.
- the flag has a deep blue background with a white circle in the center.
- in the center  are the words "VIRGINIA," and "SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS" (Latin for "thus always to tyrants").
- depicting the state's motto on the flag is the goddess Virtue (who is holding a sword and a spear), who has defeated a tyrant, who is lying on the ground, and is holding a chain and a scourge (a whip).
- nearby is the tyrant's fallen crown.
- Virtue symbolizes Virginia and the tyrant symbolizes Britain.
- red Virginia creepers and green leaves surround the scene.
- a white silk fringe is on the edge farthest from the flagstaff.

Virginia, a southeastern U.S. state, stretches from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains, with a long Atlantic coastline.
It's one of the 13 original colonies, with historic landmarks including Monticello, founding father Thomas Jefferson’s iconic Charlottesville plantation.
The Jamestown Settlement and Colonial Williamsburg are living-history museums reenacting Colonial and Revolutionary-era life.